Keg Master Series III

3 years 5 months ago - 3 years 5 months ago #8 by Craig McAuliffe
This is a the "must have" unit for anyone who is serious about kegging. It comes complete with drip tray, dual tapfont, CO2 regulator, gas line splitters and much, much more.
  • It can hold 3 x 19-20Lt postmix kegs (cornelius kegs, soda kegs) or one 50Lt commercial keg (Tooheys, CUB, XXXX etc).
  • The Keg King 2.6kg Australian Standard CO2 cylinders will fit neatly inside the kegerator or can be mounted ot the back (this is not included).

NEW Thermostat -4 C up to 28 C - NOW HAVE YOUR BEER ICY COLD
(old model only went from 2 C up to 10 C)
NEW spring back taps (automatically cut beer off after pour)
NEW Beer line 4 meters in length (vital to eliminate foaming issues)
NEW Improved CO2 regulator for better performance
NEW Gas line splitter to split gas line to tap 2 kegs at once

The kegerator also includes:
  • Beer and gas lines, dual gauge CO2 regulator (AustralianStandard), dual tap font, drip tray, guard rail, castor wheels,font, hose clips, draft tap spanner, gas line splitters, shelving (so you can use the fridge as a bar fridge) and alsoa cylinder bracket to mount cylinder to back of fridge.
  • The only extra things you will need to buy is the keg coupleror line disconnects, and the CO2 gas cylinder.

The 2.6kg CO2 cylinder is the largest cylinder size that you can still fit inside the kegerator. It will fit neatly at the back without compromising the kegcapacity. Our CO2 regulator is also approved to be used in refrigerated environment. The cylinders are sold separately and come full of CO2 so you are ready to go.

One time offer of $649.00

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2 years 11 months ago #10 by Craig McAuliffe
This Keg Master has been SOLD!

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